Giving a peek
into your
future you

Oyfo Technology Museum Hengelo NL

Children around the Futurator 3000 in Museum Oyfo Hengelo made by Avec Sans

A machine of the future!
That was still missing in the new building of the Oyfo Technology Museum among the old machines from the corporate collection of the Stork machine factory.
And so we made one.

The mysterious machine without visible screws and bolts. With a rotating 'head' of mirrored metal. With strange sounds and symbols. A strange three-legged creature from the future transported to the present.

Learn more about the machines in the machine hall by watching a short film and use your Futurator 3000 card to answer a question. No answer is wrong, what do you think the future looks like?

Avec Sans Futurator 3000 seen from the machine hall of Museum Oyfo Hengelo
Photo: Avec Sans
The Futurator 3000 Oyfo Hengelo made by Avec Sans

Once you have answered all the questions, use your card at the Futurator 3000 and it will scan you from head to toe. This determines what kind of character you have and what your future holds. When it's done, you'll receive a receipt stating what type you are according to the machine. It also knows which characteristics from the past and present you resemble.

In one year, more than 30,000 visitors have been scanned, characterized, and we have taught them something about the machine collection of Stork.

Many thanks to Oyfo and their team, Erik Stehmann, Peter Uithoven & Nout van Heumen.


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